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What is Lactipro?

LactiproNXT® is a rumen-native probiotic consisting of a live, stable and naturally occurring proprietary strain of Megasphaera elsdenii, which consumes lactic acid and produces butyric acid.

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Benefits of Lactipro to Feedyards

Fewer Hay Days. Better Pay Days.
For feedyards looking to safely accelerate cattle into the finishing ration in fewer steps, LactiproNXT shortens the step-up period by 50% or more, resulting in less roughage used, fewer trips through the feedyard delivering starter rations, and improved feed efficiency.

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Reduced roughage

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Improved operational efficiencies

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Improved feed efficiency

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Download Feedyard Operational Efficiencies Study Overview

Cut Finishing Losses
For feedyards looking to reduce post-terminal processing performance losses associated with stress, LactiproNXT improves rumen health, delivers a consistent ROI and helps ensure a smoother transition back to full feed following terminal processing. Seven commercial feedyard trials demonstrated a significant reduction in post-terminal processing mortality.

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Improved ruminal health

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Commercial trials show late-stage mortality reduced by 36%

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Consistent ROI

Download Lactipro terminal processing trial summary

What Do Customers Say?

Hear what our customers say about the benefits of using Lactipro in their feedyards.

4M Feeders Video  

4M Feeders

Adams Land and Cattle Video  

Adams Land & Cattle


We’ve been using Lactipro for the last five years. From our Lactipro research, what we saw was a significant reduction in the time it takes to get cattle back up on feed following terminal processing.

Dr. Abram Babcock

President, Adams Land & Cattle

If I can use Lactipro to take the nutrition stress out of changing that diet, that has been where I’ve seen Lactipro working on a feedyard with 10,000 head down to the guy who feeds 500 head.

Dr. Brian Dorcey


Lactipro allows us to get cattle on finish feed ten days sooner. Cattle on feed for 110 days show like 120‑day cattle, that’s why we identify them with a Lactipro ear tag. I always sell these cattle first.

Danny Herrmann

Owner-Manager, Ford County Feedyard