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Lactipro® harnesses the power of Mega e®, a superior lactic acid utilizer, to enable beef and dairy producers to support healthy rumen pH and improve profitability.

MS Biotec’s two Lactipro product lines — LactiproNXT® and LactiproFLX® — offer stability for months.

How Does Lactipro Work?

Lactipro places a large number of Mega e into its native environment — the rumen — where it immediately begins targeting lactic acid. With the power of Mega e, lactic acid doesn’t stand a chance.

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What Do Producers Say About Lactipro?

Hear what our customers say about the benefits of using Lactipro on their operations.

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The World’s Only Commercial Providers of Mega e

MS Biotec and its affiliates are the world’s only commercial providers of Mega e, and the company is a co-owner of the patent for a superior strain of this prolific lactic acid-utilizing bacteria (Megasphaera elsdenii NCIMB 41125).

Since our founding in 2010, our PhD-led teams have researched and developed Mega e, pioneering the science of feed transitions and anaerobic fermentation. Our state-of-the-art production facility in Wamego, Kansas, was designed specifically to facilitate Mega e research and product innovation. MS Biotec scientists have evolved Lactipro from a high-volume drench with a 14-day shelf life to LactiproFLX and LactiproNXT, which use our proprietary anaerobic production process to freeze-dry Mega e in a live but suspended state with stability of months, not days.

Explore the Science of Mega e
Mega E

How Lactipro Differs from Other Direct-Fed Microbials and Yeast

Lactipro, other bacterial direct-fed microbials (DFMs) and yeast work differently in the ruminant digestive tract. Each can provide unique benefits individually or by working side by side to sustain a healthy rumen environment.

Lactipro DFH Image


is the only strict anaerobic DFM commercially available today. Lactipro develops and maintains rumen health by harnessing the qualities of the rumen-native bacteria, Mega e, which specifically targets lactic acid above all other energy sources.

Other Bacterial Image

Other Bacterial DFMs

are aerobic microorganisms that consume simple sugars in the rumen to produce volatile fatty acids (VFAs). While some consume lactic acid, Mega e is a superior lactic acid utilizer.

Yeasts Image


help release nutrients from feedstuffs in the rumen — especially fiber — and are essential for production of many vitamins.

Two Product Lines Support Rumen Health

Lactipro with Mega e enables beef and dairy producers to support healthy rumen pH and improve profitability. Administration of Lactipro places a live culture of Mega e into its native environment, the rumen, where it immediately begins targeting lactic acid.

LactiproFLX and LactiproNXT are two product lines with stability of months. Both products can be used for feedlot cattle, dairy and beef cows, and calves.


LactiproFLX® is a small, convenient capsule that contains the appropriate number of the rumen-native bacteria, Mega e, for the specific animal type. One capsule per administration is all that is needed.

LactiproFLX Product Types and Uses

LactiproFLX Dairy


Dairy Cows

Beef Cows

LactiproFLX Feedlot


Feedlot Cattle

LactiproFLX Calf


Young Calves

LactiproFLX Packaging

LactiproFLX is a small gelatin capsule — about 1 ⅜ inch in length. LactiproFLX is packaged in a resealable zipper pouch and contains 25 capsules/pouch. Each capsule is individually sealed to maintain product quality. LactiproFLX must be stored in the refrigerator.

Application Video

LactiproFLX Application

LactiproFLX is applied with a customized applicator. MS Biotec offers both metal and plastic applicators that are sized for use with LactiproFLX.



LactiproNXT® is an easy-to-use drench that can be used for feedlot cattle, cows, and calves. LactiproNXT comes in 2 package sizes: 200 mL and 1,000 mL pouches.

Administration Instructions

Animal Type Drench Volume/head Number of head 200 mL pouch Number of head 1,000 mL pouch
Feedlot cattle 20 mL 10 50
Dairy or beef cows 40 mL 5 25
Calves 10 mL 20 100

Each pouch contains freeze-dried bacteria separated from the rehydrant by a seal and features a clear bottom gusset that allows users to see inside the pouch.

Follow three easy steps for application using a drench gun

  1. At the time of use, break the seal in the LactiproNXT pouch to activate the product. Using both hands, grasp the bottom corners of the pouch and squeeze the liquid contents up toward the seal until the seal breaks between the dry and liquid compartments. If the entire seal does not separate, push liquid into the dry compartment and transfer contents between compartments to ensure consistent mix.

  2. Use gentle agitation to mix the contents and activate the freeze-dried bacteria. Prior to activation, the rehydrant is clear.

  3. Once LactiproNXT is activated, the liquid turns a milky color and is ready for use.

Lactipro NXT

Please note:

NXT Video

LactiproNXT Application

LactiproNXT is a low volume drench administered with a custom applicator.

Choose the Formulation That Best Fits Your Operation

Both LactiproFLX and LactiproNXT provide the same number of bacteria per head and are equally efficacious. Both products are shipped in insulated shippers to arrive at your operation within five days. Contact MS Biotec customer service at 877-907-5315 to identify your shipping zone and optimal order day.

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