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MS Biotec was founded in 2010 to build on early research into rumen health and the rumen-native bacteria Megasphaera elsdenii. In 1993, scientists researching the unique properties of Megasphaera elsdenii identified a superior strain, NCIMB 41125 that specifically targets lactic acid.

Today, MS Biotec continues to pioneer the science of rumen health and anaerobic fermentation. Our PhD-led teams collaborate with leading universities, researchers, nutritionists and veterinarians to validate every product we bring to market. Our state-of-the-art labs are the only facilities in the world with the anaerobic processes required to produce viable Mega e® on a commercial scale for use in cattle.

What Is Mega e?

Mega e (Megasphaera elsdenii) is a rumen-native bacteria cattle rely on to digest high-energy diets. While other rumen microorganisms consume amino acids and sugars first, Mega e prefers lactic acid as its energy source. As Mega e targets lactic acid in the rumen, it produces beneficial volatile fatty acids, such as butyric and propionic acids. Mega e contributes to the development and maintenance of a healthy rumen and the regulation of rumen pH. Click to learn more about Mega e's mode of action.


How Does Mega e Work?

With traditional feed transitions, naturally occurring Mega e in the rumen of cattle takes weeks to reach populations required to effectively handle concentrated grain-based diets. As animals transition to higher-concentrate feed, lactic acid may accumulate in the rumen if Megasphaera levels are not sufficient. If lactic acid builds up, the rumen’s natural pH balance can become too acidic and health issues can result — from acidosis to rumen damage to weight loss, bloating and more. In calves with immature rumens, Mega e works to improve rumen structure and contributes to the growth of rumen papillae, which absorb nutrients.

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Why Does the Strain of Mega e Matter?

Scientists identified a superior strain of Mega e in cattle that is a prolific lactic acid utilizer. MS Biotec selected and patented this strain, Megasphaera elsdenii NCIMB 41125, because of its unique properties and ability to develop and maintain a healthy rumen environment.

Megasphaera elsdenii NCIMB 41125:

  • Grows rapidly in the rumen and has a short doubling time

  • Is one of the hardiest Mega e strains

  • Uses both D- and L-lactate as its preferred substrate but can use glucose and other carbohydrates if lactate levels are low

  • Produces butyric acid

  • Is resilient at a wide pH range

  • Is compatible with ionophores and other feed additives

  • Demonstrates improvement in rumen fermentation in the presence of other bacterial DFM and yeast additives

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