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Benefits of Lactipro for

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Dairy Cows

MS Biotec developed Lactipro® to enable dairy producers to ease transitions to higher starch concentrate diets and to support healthy rumen pH in cows. Lactipro harnesses the power of a superior lactic acid utilizer, the rumen-native bacteria Mega e® (Megasphaera elsdenii NCIMB 41125). Lactipro is used to support cows at key moments of transition or stress, such as post-freshening when cows transition to higher concentrate diets or moving a cow from the hospital back to the production herd.

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Dairy Calves

Lactipro from MS Biotec enables dairy producers to improve rumen development and maintain rumen health in calves as they grow and transition through weaning. Lactipro delivers the single most effective lactic acid utilizer, Mega e (Megasphaera elsdenii NCIMB 41125) directly to the rumen.

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What is Lactipro?

Lactipro harnesses the power of Mega e, a superior lactic acid utilizer, to enable dairy producers to support healthy rumen pH and improve profitability. In 2020, MS Biotec launched two Lactipro products with stability of months instead of days — LactiproFLX® and LactiproNXT®.

Lactipro places a high number of Mega e into the rumen, its native environment, where it immediately begins targeting lactic acid. Both products can be used for dairy cows and calves.

  • LactiproFLX is a convenient capsule of Mega e

  • LactiproNXT is a low-volume drench of Mega e

MS Biotec is a co-owner of the patent for Megasphaera elsdenii NCIMB 41125 and Lactipro contains live cultures of this prolific lactic acid utilizer.

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