Healthy Rumen. Healthy Results.

Lactipro® is a rumen-native probiotic consisting of a live, stable and naturally occurring proprietary strain of Megasphaera elsdenii (Mega e®) — a superior lactic acid utilizer. Lactipro helps dairy producers support healthy rumen pH and improve profitability by easing the transition to higher concentrate diets in cows and supporting increased feed intake in calves.
  • Eases transitions to higher starch diets and supports healthy rumen pH in dairy cows
  • Supports rumen health in hospital cows returning to the production herd
  • Enhances rumen development
  • Promotes increased feed intake through weaning in dairy calves

How does Lactipro work?

There are many times throughout production phases that cattle will benefit from a healthy population of Mega e. For example, at birth, Mega e levels in calves are minimal and increase slowly as calves begin to consume starter feed. And, as cows transition from dry cow to lactation diets, naturally occurring Mega e in the rumen takes weeks to reach populations required to effectively handle higher energy diets. During this transition, fast-growing bacteria in the rumen may produce more lactic acid than can be utilized, leading to lactid acid buildup.
  • Increased lactic acid causes rumen pH to decrease and may result in many health issues, including damage to the rumen, acidosis, liver abscesses and laminitis.
Lactipro places a large number of Mega e into its native environment — the rumen — where it immediately begins consuming lactic acid, while also producing butyric acid.
  • Butyric acid prompts epithelial cell growth and health and enables dairy cattle to better absorb volatile fatty acids (VFAs).
  • Butyric acid is especially important to rumen development in calves. A healthy, well-developed rumen can help calves smoothly transition through the stress of weaning.

Why does the strain of Mega e matter?

Scientists identified a superior strain of Mega e in cattle that is a prolific lactic acid utilizer. MS Biotec selected and patented this strain because of its ability to develop and maintain a healthy rumen environment and many other unique properties:
Grows rapidly in the rumen and has a short doubling time
One of the hardiest Mega e strains
Produces butyric acid
Resilient at a wide pH range
Compatible with ionophores and other feed additives
Demonstrates improvement in rumen fermentation in the presence of other bacterial direct-fed microbials and yeast additives

One proven product, two formulations


LactiproNXT is an easy-to-use drench that can be used for cows and calves. LactiproNXT comes in two package sizes — 200 mL and 1,000 mL pouches. It is ideal for administering to multiple head at one time.


LactiproFLX is a small individually sealed capsule packaged in a 25-capsule resealable pouch. It’s preferred for individual animals or small group administration.

Lactipro administration

Both LactiproFLX and LactiproNXT provide the same number of bacteria per head and are equally effective. Both product lines offer extended shelf life and require refrigerated storage.


LactiproFLX is a small, convenient capsule that contains the appropriate number of Mega e for the specific animal type. One capsule per head is all that is needed. LactiproFLX is available in two dairy formulations:
  • LactiproFLX Dairy – use for replacement heifers and mature cows
  • LactiproFLX Calf – use for young calves



Lactipro use cases specific to your dairy operation

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